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Variety of Sushi
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My best friend came down for the weekend to my home and I got a chance at last to eat at the Benihana. We both love sushi and I have been waiting forever to have someone to go to this restaurant with near my home. I have tried a lot of Japanese food and presently […]

Most Expensive Wine

The Billionaire’s Vinegar

The subtitle of “The Billionaire’s Vinegar” is “The mystery of the world’s most expensive bottle of wine”. The title suggests a simple tale: a rich man buys a bottle of wine. So what? Benjamin Wallace has crafted much more than the non-fiction tale of a high profile business transaction. The book reads like a murder […]

Street Food
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Origin of Street Food

Street food is generally understood to be food that is attainable from a food vendor, outside of a formal dining establishment, usually from a stall or cart. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (2007), 2.5 billion people worldwide eat street food every day. For many people, especially in the United […]

Korean Food
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A Korean Restaurant Review

Gohyang Korean Restaurant offers unique food, different from other Asian restaurants. One of my best friends knew I love to try new cuisines and suggested I try this place with her.   When I entered, I noticed it was full of local customers eating there, which is a sign of good quality food.  If you are […]

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Hacienda Colorado

I have always loved Mexican food. The spicy food of Mexico does my heart a lot of good every time I make a meal out of it. I have tried a lot of places serving Mexican food and have always loved it. The Hacienda Colorado seems to be a great place for Mexican food in […]

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Chili Con Carne

In order to celebrate Cinco de Mayo properly you would need a good portion of chili con carne, of course! This recipe combines Mexican flavors with a Spanish twist. One of the weird ingredients is coffee! But trust us, it works! Ingredients for Chili Con Carne for 8-10 Servings  A splash of olive oil – aceite de oliva 1 […]

Indian Food
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Chana Bhatura from Rani’s World Foods

Rani’s World Foods doubles as a Indian grocery store and restaurant, in Houston, Texas.  Upon entering you will see aisles of products, with fresh produce located to the left, and the restaurant located to the right.  Seating is limited, but food options are plenty.  One of the best parts of visiting this restaurant is that […]