Variety of Sushi


My best friend came down for the weekend to my home and I got a chance at last to eat at the Benihana. We both love sushi and I have been waiting forever to have someone to go to this restaurant with near my home. I have tried a lot of Japanese food and presently I am learning to cook it too with the help of the internet and a few cookbooks. Japanese food has a lot of nuances to it and is very skill-based, I believe. So it will take me quite some time to actually learn to cook something I can feed others! Anyway, so we got inside the place and after we said that we wanted sushi, we were taken straight to the sushi bar

Those of you who love sushi can understand when I say that the art of eating this Japanese delicacy is interlinked with the joy of seeing it being prepared. There is something so delicate and sort of ‘clean’ and fresh in the sushi-making process! I don’t know. May be I am just a nut. Anyway, I loved watching the chef make the sushi right in front of us using the freshest of ingredients. He actually put on a performance for the guests, and needless to say, he had us all impressed

There is a variety of sushi options available, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. We ordered four sushi platters to share between us. And it was AWESOME. The main thing about sushi is the freshness of the ingredients and the chef at Benihana definitely used fresh produce

Other than the sushi, this place has a lot of options as well. There are soups, salads, desserts and main course items. The wine selection is extensive.

The service at this place rocks! The staff is extremely friendly and ‘on the ball’, if you know what I mean! My server was extremely attentive and spunky. She was always friendly and never seemed irritated when I and my friend asked for refills of our wine glasses throughout the evening. We shared two bottles of wine between us as we did had a lot of catching up to do! We drank and ate a lot and may be we were a bit loud towards the end, but no one seemed to mind.

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