Hacienda Colorado

I have always loved Mexican food. The spicy food of Mexico does my heart a lot of good every time I make a meal out of it. I have tried a lot of places serving Mexican food and have always loved it. The Hacienda Colorado seems to be a great place for Mexican food in a great ambiance. That is how I felt when I visited it last Friday for dinner with a couple of friends. All of us love Mexican food a lot and don’t mind if the spices are a bit too much. Tummy trouble doesn’t bother us because all of us seem to have iron-clad stomachs!

I ordered the Admiral Guzman’s shrimp enchiladas and they were delicious. The spices were not overwhelming and the dish was just right for my standards. My friend ordered something called the Crab Mango lettuce cup tacos. It was more of an inspired dish than a traditional Mexican one. My friend seemed to love every bit though. I tasted a bit, but didn’t like it all that much. My other friend ordered Philly-style tacos on flour tortillas. They were amazing! All the dishes were just perfect

What is great about this place is that everything is made from scratch. Everything is made at the place with farm fresh ingredients. And the quality of the food shows that. We also ordered a side of Chile Relano and a Comida Deluxe platter. Both were amazing. The Chile Relano was absolutely fantastic and I found a number of other people in the restaurant having it on their tables. So order it when you visit

The desserts were quite good. All of us ordered Sopapillas with strawberries and honey. It was simple and just right for us after we had had too much to eat. We did know that Mexican food is very filling and rich, but that didn’t make us stop, did it? Of course not! We ordered too much food and ended up eating all of it. I think that says a lot about the quality of food in a restaurant.

A lot of people have complained that this restaurant is too pricey for the food it serves. I do know that Mexican food is typically cheaper than, say, typical American food. The reason for this is because the meat portions in a typical Mexican dish are small. It is mostly rice, flour items, etc. rather than chucks of meat. So when the Hacienda Colorado charges a bit more than other Mexican joints, you can expect people to holler. But to say the truth, the food coupled with the great ambiance made it okay for me to pay the bill. I mean, it was not so much really!

Our server was attentive and friendly. What I loved about her was that she kept suggesting dishes which she herself likes from the menu. Giving a personal touch to what you do is great and hats off to her for being open, friendly and helpful. This is a place I will definitely keep coming back to.

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