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Chana Bhatura from Rani’s World Foods

Rani’s World Foods doubles as a Indian grocery store and restaurant, in Houston, Texas.  Upon entering you will see aisles of products, with fresh produce located to the left, and the restaurant located to the right.  Seating is limited, but food options are plenty.  One of the best parts of visiting this restaurant is that they offer free authentic Indian tea to drink! 🙂

I decided to choose their Chana Bhatura, which is pictured above.  Chana is a curry made of garbanzo beans (pictured in the upper left), and Bhatura is a thick bread. I have eaten this dish in the past from this restaurant, and normally it’s served with 2 large pieces of Bhatura.  For reasons unknown during this visit, I was given one monstrous-sized piece!  I was shocked by seeing this overly large bread in front of me and had to take some time deciding how to approach in eating it.  The best option was to poke it with a fork and let the steam come out, flattening the bread for easier consumption.

The bhatura itself was soft, yet slightly chewy with little flavor on its own.  Few portions of the bread were hardened to the point they were inedible.  It went well with the chana, easily soaking up all the spices and flavors from the curry.  The curry was not too spicy, but had a mix of tomato, onion, and Indian spices within, giving a nice taste.  The garbanzo beans were cooked well at just the right consistency, they were neither too hard or soft.  The pickle served was pickled-mango, which had a somewhat raw/hard taste and was very spicy.  The red onions gave a nice addition of taste to the dish.  Sometimes they are spiced with salt and pepper, but this time they were served plain.  Overall this dish was very filling and satisfying, except for the few pieces of inedible bhatura.

You can also choose from their daily specials which consists of 2 daily sabjis (vegetable dishes), 1 dal (lentil soup), 1 naan or 2 rotis (bread), side of rice, all served with pickles and onions for just $7.99.  Sometimes they offer other daily dishes, ranging from Indo-Chinese options to other Indian specialties, which are written on a blackboard near the cash register.  They also have many homemade stuffed breads, main courses, snacks and desserts to choose from.

Homemade Breads:

  • Aloo (potato) Paratha
  • Gobi (cauliflower) Paratha
  • Mooli (daikon/white radish) Paratha
  • Methi (fenugreek) Paratha
  • Paneer (cheese) Paratha
  • Naan (plain and garlic-flavored)
  • Main Courses:
  • Pav Bhaji
  • Chana Bhatura
  • Veg Burger
  • Paneer Wrap
  • Saag & Makki Roti
  • Snack Menu
  • Bhel Puri
  • Papadi Chat
  • Pani Puri
  • Pakora Plate
  • Samosa
  • Samosa Chat
  • Dahi Vada
  • Aloo Tikki Chat
  • Kaman Dhokla
  • Vada Pao
  • Sev Puri

The choice of desserts served vary often. 

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